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Why should your business be using Facebook?

Why should your business be using Facebook?

Did you know?

  • Facebook has 1.15 Billion users worldwide
  • 700 million daily users
  • On average each user makes 36 posts per month
  • The average visit to Facebook is 20 minutes
  • Each user spends 8.3 hours on average on Facebook each month
  • 25% of Facebook users check their profile more than 5 times a day
  • 66% of adults in the UK are on social media

What does all that mean for your business?

  • 70% of active FB users are engaged and connected to a local business
  • 50% of social media users under 35 listen to online friends products and service recommendations
  • 33% of consumers are more likely to buy from a consumer if it has a Facebook page
  • 82% of buyers trust a company more when it is active on social media
  • 93% of small businesses say social media is an effective marketing tool

Five ways you can make the most of Facebook

  • Schedule posts from Facebook so you can post when your customers are online
  • Use Facebook Insights to analyse and target your audience with content they want to see
  • Use photos to share your products and services
  • Interact with customers, find out what they want from you (or what they don’t want)
  • Use Facebook Ads to target your audience

Don’t know how to set up a Facebook page for your business?

Here’s a great tutorial to get you started…

We’d also recommend this video which answers a lot of questions about Facebook Pages: